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Where is the best place to buy high authority domains? : SEO?

Domains are important for ones website as it grown in age, popularity and size, but for all this you need authentic high domain that your website can be ranked above and it can help you make a lot of money. The benefits of buying a high authority domain is that the traffic increases and this causes more popularity for your website and Google puts you on the first page which gives you many viewers who check your website for their purpose.

If one already has  domain but wants another one which may benefit it the they have to look carefully around as there are many black listed expired domains that may cause damage to your website and all your work would have no more value.

While one buying a domain has to be very careful as they can go in loss, so before you buy a domain you should be aware of all the information you have about to and then take a step to buy it.

There are many websites that give many domains which increases your rank rather than decreasing it, such as there are many site’s with high domain that cause you a lot of benefit such as

1) Facebook.com, it one of the most popular site on the internet and is used the most. When one starts a business or something they make sure they make a page on it which helps them a lot

2) Twitter.com It also one of the most used websites which is also trusted the most. Helps a lot when you make a profile on it and promote your webpage.

3) YouTube.com By using this you can promote your page on a larger scale and this may benefit you

4) Google.com what better way to get a link than from Google themselves.

5) LinkedIn.com is one of the most popular websites which is always available for networking and meeting for other business minded people all around the globe, simple there’s no wonder that this one is a domain authority 100 website.  Thousands and Millions of people use this seed site to not only meet others, but to link out to their own websites.

6) Pinterest.com when it’s about this website one main thing came in the power house which is major for all the social sites, here you can create your own profile and linked them with the social sites as far as it is easy to use you can verify it easily. But you have to make sure that you must have pinned this with other sites as well.

7) Instagram.com   is now owned by Face book;it is the main app where people upload their memories for that you must have on your smart phone that helps you add filters to your photos and make them look amazing. Here you also need to, create a profile on your phone, and make sure to add your back link on the website. And mostly young generation is using this app and they love it because of the amazing filters and privacy which Instagram is providing.

These sites can give you a better domain than everything.

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