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SEO: Why Buy Old Domain Names- Better than New Ones

Old domain names are more in demand than the new ones, because in the eye of the SEO the age of domain matters a lot, as the new domains don’t have the same level of reliability. Old domain names are more popular among the webmasters who know the value of these domains. This does not mean that the websites with the new domain name will constantly rank inadequately, but having a more established domain name can absolutely impact the positioning of a site.

Google focuses at the age of domains because an established domain name means that the site has quality content. It suggests that website is on good ranking due to some reasons and you’re site is not just a spam that goes up on ranking and vanishes from radar. Ensure your domain name is not exclusively made out of keywords, as Google pays special mind to this and in 2012, they have reproved the sites that do this. The top web search engines sometime sandbox sites based on new domain while they examine the website.

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Generally, Google sandboxing affects a site’s rankings. A new site imperiled to Google sandboxing will declines the rankings drastically, while Google is researching the site. Web pages may enhance their unique positioning after coming out of the Google sandbox. In this time, the site will lose critical income because the traffic vanished. Sites on beauty or gaming that are based on old area names are more averse to have this transpire. Aside from Google, there are other SEO that has an inclination towards old domain names. Old domain names are once in a while accessible available to be purchased on the internet.

If you search on the internet, you might have able to locate an old domain that matches the topic of your site and is accessible for procurement. If you’re planning to register your domain name, then go for the one which is on the internet for 2-4 years rather than one of the 1-2 year because it would be better for your site if the Google recognizes as this might increases the SEO ranking of website which is the most important factor to run the successful online business.

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